Marise Aravel

Marise Aravel

Dear Mother,

Near the marketplace, J’Zhirr spots a Dunmer food vendor. Her name is Marise Aravel and she boasts that her food is as fresh as the day it was collected. When J’Zhirr compliments Marise on the freshness of her produce, she revealed that it is all thanks to a trick she picked up from a butcher in Hammerfell.

The butcher showed her a way to grind up ice wraith teeth and used it as a preservative. It keeps everything cold and fresh for a limited time. Marise tells this one that she will buy over any ice wraith teeth as she is always looking to replenish her supply. She warns this one to be careful though. The Nords hunt the ice wraiths as a kind of initiation rite and not all of them end up victorious.

A light snow begins to fall. J’Zhirr decides to end the conversation and seek shelter in the inn.