Visitor’s tax

North gate to Riften

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr arrives at the North Gate. A soldier steps forward and demands that J’Zhirr pays the visitor’s tax before he can enter Riften. What visitor’s tax? There has been no such tax in the other cities that J’Zhirr had visited.

The soldier replies, “For the privilege of entering the city. What does it matter?”

Ah, J’Zhirr smells a rat, of the two-legged kind. No wonder the soldiers at the South Gate are directing all visitors to the North Gate instead. Well, J’Zhirr is no week-old cub. The soldier will have to do better to scam gold from this one. “This is obviously a shakedown,” J’Zhirr says.

The soldier seems spooked that J’Zhirr has called his bluff. “All right, keep your voice down… you want everyone to hear you? I’ll let you in, just let me unlock the gate.”

And so, J’Zhirr steps into Riften, a city with the reputation of being a den for crime and thievery.