Early morning on the road

Morning on the road

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr spent the night at Vilemyr Inn and leaves Ivarstead early next morning. The sun is not fully up yet so everything is tinted by a chilly bluish mist. J’Zhirr follows the road leading away from the village, enjoying the silence and clean morning air.

This one sees an elk and a deer grazing by the road. They did not expect anyone to come along so early and stared at J’Zhirr in surprise for a while before galloping away.

A low rumble sounds and everything goes quiet. Is it the thunder? J’Zhirr pricks his ears and listens, scanning the sky for signs of a storm. Then a shadow cross overhead and with a shock J’Zhirr realizes that it is a dragon. This one quickly turns and runs back to Ivarstead.