Shroud Hearth Depths

Shroud Hearth Depths

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr reaches the depths of Shroud Hearth Barrow. Once again the gate slams shut the moment this one steps into the room, a sign that enemies are lying in wait. Sure enough, a few minutes later J’Zhirr hears loud thuds as the draugrs push the heavy stone lids off their coffins.

Hiding himself in a corner, J’Zhirr fires arrow after arrow. But as soon as one draugr falls, another awakens. Just how many draugrs are there in this room?

After felling around twenty of them, suddenly there is only silence. This one listens intently for a few more minutes but there is no more loud thuds betraying the presence of an awaken draugr. It seems that J’Zhirr has finally cleared the room of draugrs.

Beyond this room is a another word wall which teaches J’Zhirr the first word for Kyne’s Peace – Kaan. Kyne’s Peace is a Shout that will calm wild animals and temporary renders them friendly to J’Zhirr. J’Zhirr does not find this Shout very useful for J’Zhirr is strong enough to take on most wild animals and fast enough to escape from those that are too strong.