Blast of fire

Blast of fire

Dear Mother,

As J’Zhirr lifts the gold bar, he hears a barely audible click and notices that the platform the gold bar was resting on raises by just a little. Warning bells immediately started ringing in J’Zhirr’s head and he jumps back.

And not a moment too soon. Apparently the gold bar was resting on a weighted trap and removing the weight will trigger the trap. The result is a hot blast of fire which is sure to burn any thief into a crisp. Well, except for the nimble and agile Khajiits.

Apart from a few lightly singed hairs, J’Zhirr is unharmed. Thus he is able spend a few minutes admiring the ingenuity of the trap. Once the fire has died down, J’Zhirr picks up the gold bar from the floor and continues on his merry way.