The other door

The other door

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr explores the room. From the furniture arranged in the room, seems that Wyndelius Gatharian had made this place his home. J’Zhirr finds Wyndelius’ diary among his belongings and flips through the pages. Wyndelius’ entries make an interesting read.

He was searching for a claw which he believed was hidden in this tomb. To ensure that he would not be disturbed, Wyndelius concocts a potion which gave him a specter-like appearance. He then pretended to be a ghost and thus kept the villagers away. After spending months underground in isolation, Wyndelius slowly degenerates into paranoia, then amnesia and finally madness. In his last entry, Wyndelius believes himself to be the guardian of the tomb.

It is a sad fate to lose one’s mind. This is probably a result of the long months of isolation but J’Zhirr wonders if it can also be an unknown side effect of Wyndelius’s specter potion.

Upon leaving the room, J’Zhirr spots a door. The door was booby trapped but J’Zhirr manages to disarm it successfully. Behind this door is another door but this time J’Zhirr is unable to unlock it.