The haunted tomb

Shroud Hearth Barrow

Dear Mother,

On the outskirts of Ivarstead is an old Nordic tomb called Shroud Hearth Barrow. Wilhelm warns J’Zhirr not to go near it for it is haunted. He thinks that spirits are guarding the barrow. Wilhelm confesses that he has seen one of the spirits with his own eyes and the look it gave burns right through his soul.

Wilhelm does not seem particularly keen when this one offers to investigate the barrow. Perhaps to discourage J’Zhirr further, Wilhelm tells this one about a treasure hunter called Wyndelius Gatharian. It was about a year or two ago when Wyndelius passed through Ivarstead. Wilhelm had warned him not to go into the barrow, just like he is warning J’Zhirr now. The next night, the village heard screams coming from the barrow and nobody saw Wyndelius again.

Unfortunately all these just piqued this one’s interest further. J’Zhirr is never good at following danger warnings. What is it that people always say about curiosity anyway?