Narfi learns the truth about Reyda


Dear Mother,

As J’Zhirr swims towards the island, this one keeps an eye on the riverbed in case there are nordic barnacles or slaughterfish eggs that one can use to make potions. Then J’Zhirr spots something unusual near the bridge and swims closer. It is a skeletal body half buried by the mud. The current is strong and it takes J’Zhirr several tries to reach the body. When J’Zhirr’s lungs are close to bursting, he finally manages to remove a necklace from the body.

Narfi recognizes the necklace as Reyda’s. He cries excitedly, “Reyda! You saw Reyda? Did you tell her Narfi cries? Did you tell her Narfi never said goodbye like mother and father?”

At this moment, J’Zhirr hesitates. Narfi seems so happy that J’Zhirr wonders if telling him the sad truth is the best thing to do. Perhaps Wilhelm is right and the kindest thing is to let Narfi continue believing that Reyda is alive. But the dead is gone forever and after debating for a few minutes, J’Zhirr finally says, “Sorry Narfi, she’s dead.”

“Oh no! No, no, no. Narfi never got to say goodbye!” Narfi cries. After Narfi calms down, he reflects that at least he has Reyda’s necklace and it reminds him of his sister. Perhaps now Narfi will no longer wait for Reyda in their broken-down house, and can move on with his life.