Dragon cultists

Dragon Cultists

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr turns around and sees two strangely-attired people approaching. They stopped in front of J’Zhirr.

One of them hollers, “You there! You’re the one they call Dragonborn?”

J’Zhirr does not like their tone of voice so this one feigns ignorance in an attempt to end the conversation quickly. However this just seems to get them more worked up.

He shouted, “Your lies fall on deaf ears, Deceiver! We know you are the False Dragonborn! You shall not stand in the way of the true Dragonborn’s return. He comes soon, and we shall offer him your heart! When Lord Miraak appears all shall bear witness. None shall stand to oppose him!”

Then they attack. J’Zhirr can see that this is not going to end well for them. Luckily the town guards are on this one’s side and they help to overpower the cultists. Searching their bodies, J’Zhirr finds a note that reveals these strange cultists have come all the way from Solstheim, an island east of Skyrim. That’s a long way away.