Dear Mother,

Master Arngeir explains that being a Dragonborn, this one is able to learn Shouts without going through years of training. It comes naturally to a Dragonborn as much as breathing. Master Arngeir says, “When you Shout, you speak in the language of dragons. Thus, your Dragon Blood gives you an inborn ability to learn Words of Power. All Shouts are made up of three Words of Power. As you master each Word, your Shout will become progressively stronger.”

Master Arngeir says that J’Zhirr knows only the first word in Unrelenting Force , Fus, which means “Force”. At Master Arngeir’s signal, Master Einarth steps forward and shouts into the ground. Flaming words appear and Arngeir says that this is the Ro, the second word in Unrelenting Force. Ro means “Balance” in the dragon tongue and combining it with Fus focuses the Shout.

As J’Zhirr moves towards the word, he feels the sensation of power going into his body. Everything turns dark for a few seconds. When things are back to normal again, the word has disappeared and the stone floor looks undamaged.