Frost troll lies in wait

Frost troll waiting

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr sees a dead goat along the path. A predator must have killed it for these goats are sure-footed creatures and they don’t fall to their deaths. J’Zhirr decides to move forward cautiously so as not to alert whoever killed the goat. As J’Zhirr rounds the corner, his heart sinks when he sees a frost troll waiting in the middle of the path.

Great. Everybody meets a few wolves but J’Zhirr gets a frost troll instead.

Frost trolls are powerful creatures, even more powerful than their lowland cousins. This one would prefer to avoid engaging it. But the path is lined on both sides with tall rocks and J’Zhirr does not see an alternate way around the frost troll. Luckily the frost troll has his back towards J’Zhirr. Perhaps this one may just be able to sneak by.