Summoning the Wolf Queen

Summoning the Wolf Queen

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr fights his way through draugrs and necromancers to the top of the ruins. He sees the necromancers trying to summon the Wolf Queen and bind her so that she will do their bidding. Do they really think that a powerful necromancer like Potema Septim will let herself be bound to them? Well, J’Zhirr supposes that hope springs anew each day, especially foolish ones.

J’Zhirr is surprised to see that the ritual master is an old woman. She refuses to stop the summoning even after this one kills the rest of her fellow necromancers. J’Zhirr does not like killing old people but in this situation, he has little choice. When the ritual master is dead, the summoning stops and the place turns dark and quiet.

J’Zhirr shall report this to Falk Firebeard. Perhaps there will be a nice reward.