Dear Mother,

As J’Zhirr continues down the third path, Sheogorath talks about Pelagius’ mother who wields fear like a cleaver. She taught Pelagius that danger could come from anywhere, at any time and delivered by anyone.

The path ends at an arena where two atronachs are battling it out. Sheogorath says the objective is to use the Wabbajack to defeat the enemy while they do the same. But when J’Zhirr uses the Wabbajack to destroy an atronach, another just appears to take its place. Sheogorath suggests that this one’s aim is off.

In frustration, J’Zhirr points the Wabbajack at the people opposite. An energy ball shoots out and hits the sitting armored guards. They vanish and Sheogorath cries out in surprise. He thought that J’Zhirr would never figure it out. Sheogorath says that now the threat is gone, Pelagius is under the delusion that he is safe, which means that this one has helped him, sort of.