Daedric Prince of revelry and debauchery

Daedric Prince of revelry and debauchery, Sanguine

Dear Mother,

Sam reveals himself to be the Daedric Prince of revelry and debauchery, Sanguine. He talks a bit about how J’Zhirr is going places so he decides to give this one a nudge and see what happens. When J’Zhirr implies that it is a prank, Sanguine becomes a bit offended and goes off about how a Daedric Prince is above such common things as pranks. Luckily, Sanguine is unable to stay miffed for long. He says this is the most fun he had in over a hundred years and awards J’Zhirr with a Daedric artifact, the Sanguine Rose.

Then Sanguine casts a spell and J’Zhirr finds himself back in Dead Man’s Drink again.