A giant and a goat

Giant and Gleda

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr finds the giant over the next hill. He seems to be very taken with Gleda and ignores J’Zhirr’s attempts to buy the goat back from him. So J’Zhirr just grabs Gleda and runs as fast as he can. The giant chases but J’Zhirr is much faster and soon loses him.

Ennis is overjoyed to see Gleda. When J’Zhirr asks, Ennis shows a note this one left behind. It says that J’Zhirr is selling the goat to pay back Ysolda but the rest of the writing is smudged by the wine that spilled on it. J’Zhirr met Ysolda while he was in Whiterun so at least this time he will be talking to someone he knows.